‘Piano Instrument’ hits new high with ‘A Love Supreme’ video

Australian music fans will soon be able to hear a piano instrumental featuring bassist Chris Pinto’s signature vocal over beats from ‘A Passion For Life’, as the video for his new song, Piano Instrument, hits the top 10 on the iTunes Singles chart.

Piano Instruments, a six-minute video for Pinto and bassist Matt Kuebler, was released on iTunes on March 23.

The video was produced by Melbourne artist and producer David D’Aloisio, who also produced the music video for the song ‘Dinner With Myself’.

“I think I got the song right, but I definitely had a few mistakes that were kind of funny to make,” Pinto told Billboard.

“I don’t think I did the best job of writing it.

I think that’s probably why it went viral.”‘

Piano instrument’ hits top 10, iTunes chartIn the video, Pinto uses his voice to sing over the rhythm of a beat from ‘Passion For Life’ and then uses his right hand to play the instrument.

“The beat is a very old one that was written over by a musician that I really respect, so I thought it was pretty cool,” Pinten said.

“We thought it would be cool to do a video where it was a little bit more accessible.”

The song is one of the first songs to hit the top of the iTunes singles chart and is the second top-10 single for Pintin, following the chart-topping ‘The Story Of Me’.

Pinto said he had been working on the song for more than two years and had been using the piano in his performances.

“A lot of people don’t realise that it’s been a long time since I’ve done it,” he said.

The song also has a strong track record with Australian pop stars, with both Pinto (who also produced ‘The Stories That I Tell’) and Kuebling (who has also produced hits for such acts as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift) performing the song at the 2012 Australian International Music Festival.

The song is also one of several songs from Pinto that have been released on YouTube, including ‘The Love Supreme’, ‘Love Is All Around’, ‘Pianos and Tunes’ and ‘The Piano’.

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