“I’m Not a Black Woman” video has become an anthem for white supremacy: “I Love My Body”

Video posted by Vice News has gone viral and is drawing praise from celebrities and other celebrities.

The video features a man who says “I am not a black woman.”

“I love my body” is sung by a man in the video, who says, “I do love my boobs, I do love me, I love my ass.”

The video has been viewed more than 1 million times, and now it has been re-released in new and re-edited versions.

The new version of the video is titled “I Am Not a White Woman.”

The original video had already been seen more than 8 million times.

The original version of “I AM NOT A WHITE WOMAN” has been seen over 8 million, according to The Huffington Post.

The man who has become the viral symbol of white supremacy, is a white man named John Stossel.

He also has been interviewed on CNN, CNN and Fox News.

“I don’t know what the fuck I am supposed to do with my life, man,” the man says.

“There’s nothing I can do.

I’m not a man.

I am a white male.

I love me.

I don’t have a body.

I feel like I have a dick.

It’s not real.

It just is.”

“The whole thing is so insulting, to say I love it when I have boobs.

And I’m black.

I have black boobs,” the video concludes.

“You just got to be a fucking liar, you know what I’m saying?

That’s what you’re saying.

You’re saying I’m a fucking idiot?

That makes no sense.”

Stosse told the Washington Post he wanted to release the video after he saw the #IAMNOTAGAIN campaign trending on Twitter.

“What they’re saying is, ‘I’m not going to like this,’ but they’re not saying I love myself,” Stossey said.

“They’re saying ‘I love you.'”

Stossels wife, Dana, said she believes the video has the power to help women of color understand the struggles they face and the role that white supremacy plays in perpetuating the idea that black women are less than human.

“If people don’t believe it, then they’re going to keep hearing it,” Dana Stossell told The Washington Post.

“It’s so insulting that they’re perpetuating this bullshit, that we’re not even human.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what you say, how you walk, it doesn’t make any difference to these people.”

St.ossel’s wife said she hopes the video inspires other women to speak up.

“People are really struggling,” Dana said.

Dana also believes that the video may help black people who are experiencing discrimination and discrimination experience a more empowered voice in their own lives.

“That’s where people can start to start realizing that it’s not about race or ethnicity, that it is about how you think,” Dana told The Post.

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