Celesta Instrumental Music on YouTube

Celesta Instruments is a popular and influential Finnish electronic music label that has released an eclectic and eclectic line-up of albums and singles.

The label has a long history of producing innovative and original music, and the new Celesta album, Lament, showcases this in action.

Lament is a mix of traditional Finnish instruments, as well as electronic music, including electronica and noise-pop.

Laments melodies are heavy, but also light on bass, drums, and guitar, while also containing an element of melodic experimentation.

The album also features an extensive selection of instrumental music that is often found on the Finnish electronic scene, and it features some of the best instruments from Helsinki.

Celesta is a label that is constantly striving to make new music, but this album demonstrates the depth and breadth of their catalog, which also features a variety of new artists from around the world.