Preet Bharara vows to hold Bharatiya Janata Party accountable for the ‘anti-Muslim’ violence

Preet Bhaskar Bharara has announced he will hold Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.

to account for the violence that rocked the country on Tuesday night.

In an emotional address to the nation, the Bharatiyan Janata party chief said he will be “working on a policy of reconciliation” with all those who have been hurt by the violence.

The Bharatiyat Sanchayati Party leader was speaking to media on Thursday after an emergency session was called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi following the violence in the country’s biggest city.

Modi, who was also attending the meeting, urged the people to keep calm and support their police forces, the Press Trust of India news agency reported.

On Wednesday, police and anti-riot teams stormed the headquarters of Bharatiyahat Sanstha, the Hindu nationalist group that has been blamed for last month’s violence in Bengaluru.

Violence broke out in Bengalu after the group accused Muslims of “Islamisation” of Bengaluru, an allegation that is widely disputed.

The violence spread to other cities including Chennai and Kolkata.

The state government ordered a curfew and deployed more than 6,000 police and paramilitary troops in the cities and towns of Bengal.

The chief minister of Kerala, Oommen Chandy, was among the first to call for a national unity rally on Thursday.

The Congress, which holds a majority in the Kerala Assembly, said it will not be attending the rally, which is expected to attract far more than 1,000 people.

“We will not attend the rally,” Congress leader Manikandan said.

“We want peace and unity in this country and in this state.

The BJP should be held responsible for this incident.

This is a clear provocation and a very dangerous move.”

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