Musical instrument museum to reopen after closure due to climate change

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The world’s biggest musical instrument and music museum is to reopen as temperatures cool in response to the effects of climate change, with the first exhibit opening on Saturday.

The museum in San Francisco will open at 9 a.m. local time (1530 GMT) after the National Weather Service said it expected temperatures to drop in the coming weeks and months.

The new exhibit will include a tambourines instrument made by the American band The Who and a percussion instrument made in New Zealand by the Japanese orchestra Tetsuya Kakugo.

The National Weather Services forecast this week that temperatures will drop to about 20 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) in the next week and a half.

A few years ago, the museum was closed to the public due to poor weather, prompting local governments to close for the duration.

The museum reopened in 2015 and is expected to reopen in 2019.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington has also shut its doors.

The Tambourina Orchestra, whose members include the singer Marlon Brando, has performed at the museum for more than 50 years, and was one of the first musicians to record a full album with a trombone.

In addition to the trombones, the new exhibit features a drum set made by American jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie and a violin made in Italy by composer Andrea Bertolucci.

The American trombonist, Robert Hunter, also contributed to a book about his life.

In the early 1800s, the United States created the National Museum of the American Indian, where many of the tambours instruments were made.

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