Air-conditioned studio and home of cuatro instruments

With air-conditioning and digital audio, cuatro has a unique way of capturing sound.

In a small space on the roof of a building, the sound is captured through a series of speakers and a central drum, all in a studio that looks like a typical commercial office.

For the artist and the listener, the studio is a space where sounds can be experienced and understood in a new way.

The music is also recorded on a USB stick for playback.

“We take that opportunity to create an audio experience where you can go to the sound source, listen to it, feel it, understand it,” Mr O’Leary said.

One of the instruments in the studio, an arpeggio by Cuatro artist-in-residence, is named after the instrument in a Spanish folk song called “Cútica de las Cuatro” (A Symphony in the Sky).

“The instrument was a real piece of art,” Mr Boon said.

“It was a very special instrument to me.”

The instrument is named “Cuzo”, named after Cuatro’s resident cuatro, who plays it on the drums.

He is known for his unique style of playing, and for using the instrument for the compositions he creates in his home studio.

“Cuzos are very versatile instruments,” Mr Tarrant said.

“The cuatro is a piece of the instrument.

It is a very different instrument to a piano, a guitar, a bass or a violin.”

In addition to his work as an arpmusic teacher, Mr Bon says he enjoys the opportunity to take the instrument on tours around the world.

“It is amazing that these instruments can be used for so many different purposes,” he said.

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