The Science of Maschine Source National Geographic

Scientists are working on a maschines instrument that can measure how the wind blows around an instrument and predict its direction.

Maschine Instruments uses an electromagnetic field to measure the wind’s speed and direction.

If the wind is blowing from one direction, the instrument can detect the wind from a distance of one meter or less.

The wind can then be used to predict its speed.

Maschines have been used by engineers, engineers and weather engineers to measure changes in wind direction and direction of rain, sleet, and snowfall.

Scientists have tried several ways to develop a better and more accurate maschining instrument.

A paper describing a Maschiner instrument published in Nature in 2016 showed that it is possible to use a two-dimensional structure of a gas that is very similar to the air to measure wind speeds, which is useful for detecting the change in wind speed.

The researchers found that the two-dimensions structure allowed the researchers to use their technique to measure both wind speed and the direction of the wind. 

The researchers hope to develop Maschiners in the future for use in sensing and prediction of other kinds of wind.