Why should Americans pay more for college?

On a day that was filled with bipartisan optimism for President Donald Trump’s plan to slash taxes on the rich and corporations, the conservative movement’s official platform is now rejecting that idea.

Instead, the platform, which has been in the works since the 2016 presidential election, calls for raising the federal debt limit and allowing the government to default on its obligations in order to raise the debt limit.

“It is not only unrealistic, but it would be deeply irresponsible and unconstitutional,” the platform reads.

“The American people deserve better than a government that would deliberately ignore the will of the American people to make a deal with the world’s largest debtor nation.”

“In addition to being morally indefensible, the American government should not borrow more money than it owes to the United States.

The only way to ensure that debt is not abused is to limit the government’s ability to borrow.

And the debt ceiling must be raised, not defaulted on, to keep the country’s economy afloat,” the document reads.

The platform comes as Trump and congressional Republicans are set to unveil their tax plan that would slash the top tax rate for those earning more than $200,000 to 15 percent.

The plan would also eliminate the estate tax, and it would eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax, a tax that many Americans pay on their income taxes that is designed to raise revenue.

The president has also been making the case that the tax cuts would help pay for his promised infrastructure plan.

But the platform calls for a major infrastructure plan, which the conservative base is skeptical about.

The budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1 will be the most expensive in the history of the United Nations.

In the first fiscal year since World War II, the U.S. government has budgeted $6 trillion in debt and is set to run out of money before 2021, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The Trump administration’s proposal would dramatically increase federal spending and, in some cases, raise taxes, according a report by the Congressional Budget Office released Monday.

The report said the tax plan would increase taxes on Americans earning more, while the plan proposed by the Trump administration would reduce those taxes.

It’s not just the budget, the tax-reform plan also includes a number of other measures that would make it more difficult for the U andS.

to make the payments to the international financial institutions that are funding our national debt.

The tax plan includes provisions that would require the Treasury Department to submit a report to Congress every 90 days detailing the financial condition of the U,S.

and its foreign partners.

The Treasury Department would also have to publish monthly reports on how the U finances its international obligations, as well as any plans to change or restructure them.

“While the Trump Administration has repeatedly stated that it will do its part to address our nation’s mounting debt and deficits, it has made no effort to ensure those measures are carried out and we have significant unfunded liabilities, such as foreign aid, foreign assistance, and foreign aid for health care,” the report said.

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