How to build a small electric car in under 1,000 hours

The world’s first electric car is on track to become reality.

The Japanese company behind the $40,000 car has been awarded the first contract to build and test the car for the next two years.

The winning bidder is a Japanese company called Nissan Electric Corporation, and the company plans to use its production facilities to manufacture the car, which will be the world’s cheapest electric car.

The company’s goal is to build the car in the next three years, with deliveries expected by 2020.

The vehicle will be powered by a battery that can go up to 500 miles per charge.

It will be about the size of a standard SUV.

It is designed to be used for urban commuting and for driving in congested environments.

“This is an extremely important milestone for the company,” said Nissan CEO Takashi Iwata at the ceremony.

“We are extremely proud to have secured this important milestone.”

Nissan will also supply the battery and its motors.

It plans to begin selling the car by the end of the year.

“The next two decades will be very exciting for Nissan Electric,” Iwata said.

“Our goal is a world where the number of electric cars on the road is shrinking, and we believe that the company’s new product will help to bring that vision to reality.”

The winning company will also provide research and development, technical support, and financing.

The contract covers approximately 2,600 of Nissan’s 2,500 workers in Japan, including 1,600 in the company headquarters.

The company will invest up to $5 billion in the production of the vehicle, including financing.

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