The zither in a world of digital music and apps: Zither as a music player

A zither is a music instrument made of a string, sometimes a wooden or metal rod, which is played to create a resonant tone.

In a world where songs are often recorded with smartphones, the device is a perfect fit.

But while the zither can be played with a single smartphone, it is much more versatile than that.

The zither was invented in 1881 by Charles Baudrillard, a French mathematician, to create an instrument to help people communicate and share ideas.

Its main selling point is that it can be used for all sorts of creative purposes, from music to painting, sculpture and even the creation of art.

One of the most successful examples of this is the zenith, a string instrument which can be made by anyone.

There are two main ways to make a zither: using a metal rod or a string.

You can make a string zither by bending the string in a certain way, like turning a knob, and you can make the string zith a metal one by using a coil of wire or by heating up a metal vessel.

However, the metal one can also be made using wire or using a ceramic bowl, such as a metal bowl made of brass.

If you want to get a bit more creative with your zither, there are also a number of different zithers that are designed to be used as musical instruments.

Most of these are not as expensive as the traditional zither but are more versatile, too.

So if you have a zyth, here are five of our favourite ones to try.