Which is your favourite track from the album?

By far, the album is my favourite of the series.

In terms of music, the instrumental tracks (including the rap ones) are my favourite, as they provide a unique twist on the genre’s classic tracks.

They are always well constructed, the rhythms are perfectly timed and the vocals are perfect. 

The rap album, however, is not as well-done as the instrumental album, but is still a very enjoyable listen, especially the rapping of Rap Monster. 

A lot of the album’s songs have some kind of melodic motifs that are reminiscent of classic rap, such as the raps of Snoop Dogg, and they always add a certain bit of charm to the album.

The album has also got some more danceable tracks, such like the ‘Ride Your Bike’ which is the best of the entire album, although the beats here are often slower.

Overall, the rap album is the album that really stood out for me.

Score: 7.0 Track ratings show 1 The Game (feat.

Jadakiss) 2 Mixtape (feat, D.R.A.

M) 3 You Ain’t Gotta Lie (feat., Jadack) 4 The Laundry (feat.)

5 Don’t Stop the Party (feat.), 6 Donut City (feat) 7 The Ballad of the Ballsy Boys (feat), 8 Hustler (feat,) 9 The Dope Game (with), 10 Donuts (feat with) 11 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (feat.).

12 My Hero (feat)) 13 Panda (feat.-Naughty Boy) 14 I Got It (feat).

15 I Feel It (with) 16 D.

R, E.R., E.N. (feat-Cudi, Jadac, Kool G Rap, Mase) 17 Hush (feat)-Naughty Girl 18 Momma Got a Gun (feat)|feat. Lil’ Flip

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