Celesta: The instruments behind the ‘marching bands’

Celesta, the French band from Marseille, has long been synonymous with the Parisian streetscape.

Its sound is bracing, and its tunes are full of energy and excitement.

But a recent tour was marred by security concerns, which prompted the band to cancel a planned performance at the French capital’s iconic Pompidou Centre.

It’s a decision that’s been a hit with fans.

The band has been able to sell out the venue to make room for the new tour, but its performance will be at the venue until December 30.

We’re just going to put our performance at this venue until we can do it somewhere else,” Celesta’s bassist, Dominique Pare, told ABC News in a recent interview. 

Celesta has sold out its entire European tour.

The band was formed in 1996, but it was formed to play in the traditional style, which is to play music from the heart, in the city, and in the suburbs.

The group has been making the trip back to France as part of its first European tour, which has sold-out venues around the world. 

The band is also touring Europe for the first time in a few years. 

But Dominique has a different opinion on the security concerns.””

We are happy and we hope to return to France in the future,” he added. 

But Dominique has a different opinion on the security concerns.

“It was a security issue that was a bit complicated, and we have been through this before, and it doesn’t work,” he said.

“We’re here because we love Paris, and there are so many beautiful things to see in this city.” 

The security issue comes after a string of recent terrorist attacks in France, which include the attacks in Nice, the Paris attacks, the shooting of a policewoman in Nice and the November 2016 attacks at the Bataclan concert hall.

In 2016, Celesta released their debut album, “Tranquil Embrace,” a collection of music and lyrics written by Dominique.

He said the band would continue to make music in Paris, which he described as a city that was “always changing.” 

“I think it’s because Paris has been transformed over the years, from a small town in the 18th century to one of the largest cities in Europe,” he told ABC.

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