How to get the best dental instruments

This article is based on a conversation I had with an employee of a dental office in Morocco.

I was asked to tell her a story about a patient who came in with a toothache.

I explained that the dentist was an expert in the field, but he had no idea how to treat the patient.

“Well, how do you get the toothpaste?” he asked me. 

It’s an important question for any dentist, and I was curious to learn more.

I went to the dentist’s office and asked him to teach me how to get rid of the toothache, and he gave me a list of techniques.

“The best toothpaste is toothpaste with sugar,” he explained.

“If you want to get some sugar, just put some sugar in a bowl.” 

I was intrigued.

“I’ve heard that sugar can help to cleanse the teeth,” he told me.

“But what exactly does sugar do?

It’s basically a sweetener.

What you want is a taste that you can easily detect.

You can’t detect it with the eyes.”

So, I decided to give it a try.

The next morning, I went down to the office to give the toothbrush a try on the patient’s teeth. 

I got a very soft, creamy taste.

“Wow,” I thought.

“This toothbrush will be good for the patient.”

The toothbrush felt quite good, but I could feel that it was too soft.

I felt like I was using a toy for brushing the teeth.

It was a real struggle to get it all out. 

The dentist said, “You have to go for a different toothbrush.

This one is for the patients.”

 I had no choice but to go back to the shop.

The shopkeeper handed me a different brush.

“These are for the people who are allergic to sugar,” the shopkeeper explained. 

“Okay, I’ll buy them,” I said. 

In the meantime, I bought a second toothbrush and tried it on the same patient’s tooth. 

This time, I could detect the sweetness and saltiness from the sugar.

It tasted delicious. 

Finally, I gave the second toothpaste to the patient and asked, “Do you like this toothpaste, please give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down?” 

The patient smiled.

She thought the toothbrushes tasted better than the first. 

What about the other toothbrush? 

The second toothpick tasted more like the toothpastes I had bought in the shop, but it was not as good as the first one.

I told him, “If it doesn’t taste like sugar, it’s probably a bad toothbrush.” 

After giving the patient a thumbs-up, I asked him if he liked the toothpick.

He replied, “Yes.” 

In order to see how his mouth felt after giving the toothpicks, I used a spoon.

I took one toothpick, put the tooth in the other, and placed it on top of the first toothpick to make a triangle. 

Then, I looked at the triangle and said, “That looks like a triangle.” 

The first tooth picked up the triangle in the triangle, and the second one picked up it in the bottom of the triangle.

It also looked very similar to the first triangle.

I gave them thumbs-ups, thumbs-downs, and then I asked them to tell me how they felt. 

Some of them reported a slight headache, some of them felt more relaxed, and some reported a headache, a headache with a headache. 

For me, this experience was more satisfying than the day before. 

On a personal note, I had the pleasure of meeting the dentist again. 

He was also a dentist and a great friend.

He was an absolute pleasure to talk to.

He said that the next time I was in Morocco, he would definitely recommend my book on dental care to my students. 

And if you liked this article, be sure to read the full story here.

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