How to play a deadly, soulful version of the guitar in the immortal instrumentalist series

The Globe and Mail is publishing a series of essays about the guitar, which has become a fixture in popular music, especially in country and bluegrass.

We are taking you inside the world of the immortal instrument, the soulful soul.

This week: The first post in the series, written by a Canadian who had no idea he was going to write this series.

A young man named Paul Klemmer came to the Globe to interview the author, the first in the new series.

(The author, Paul Kamemier, is a Canadian journalist, and a longtime contributor to The Globe.)

The article starts with a story about the music and the guitar and the story of Paul Kilem.

A man of many talents, he’s played all over the world: as a guitarist, a pianist, a songwriter, an opera singer, and now as an instrumentalist, playing music from country and blues to country and country and rock to country.

In the mid-1960s, he moved to New York City and started recording music.

“It was a very big thing, the music business in the United States,” Klemm tells me.

“But I wasn’t really interested in it because I thought that I could do better.

I didn’t want to go through the same sort of difficulties that most people did.”

He didn’t think it would be as difficult to make a living as it has been, so he did his best to make sure he got a good sound.

He was lucky, and the rest is history.

He wrote songs and played music with people from all over America and the world.

In 1964, he started his first record label, Blue Note Records, and his first album, The Soul of the Guitar, which was recorded in New York, was released in 1965.

He also played with bands like the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, who recorded songs with him.

But the first real recording was the 1968 album, Love Me Do, which he recorded with the legendary singer Billy Eckstine.

His success with Eckstines, and with his own songs, led to the recording of his own music, including Love Me Does.

But he wasn’t done with Ecksteins work.

In 1972, he recorded his first studio album, Blue Velvet, which included some of his favorite songs, including “My Way,” which became a hit and the opening theme for the television series, Happy Days.

In 1974, he signed with Columbia Records, where he recorded the hit “I’m in Love with You.”

This was the first of many hits for Blue Note.

“I was never interested in writing my own music,” Kilemp says.

“If you’re not writing your own music and you’re making music for people to buy, you’re doing it wrong.

I never wanted to write songs for people.

That’s why I wanted to record songs.”

And he started recording and recording again, with the help of some of the most famous producers in the world, including John Paul Jones, Paul Simon, and Bob Dylan.

He recorded some of Bob Dylan’s songs and a couple of his songs from the Blue Note albums, and he released a number of his best-known songs, like “My Girl” and “Love Me Do.”

He also recorded some tracks for the Broadway musical, The Music Man, which opened in 1975 and ran until 1987.

Blue Note continued to make hits with their album, Born on the Fourth of July, and their hit single, “Crazy Days,” which they recorded in a few weeks.

But it wasn’t until the 1990s, when a record label began making records of all sorts of music, and people started paying attention to their music, that Kilembers success really took off.

“People started paying a lot of attention to Blue Note, because they wanted to make their own records,” Kummer says.

But his songs, songs that made him famous, were still pretty low-key.

In 1994, he made a record called The Soul Of the Guitar.

The album sold more than 2 million copies.

His second album, I Want You, I’m in Your Mind, was also released in 1995.

It was his most popular record, and it sold a million copies, too.

Klemms first hit with The Soul, a pop-country-rock tune, was in 1999.

It reached No. 3 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and reached No, 3 on Billboard Country Singles.

It went to No. 1 on the Country Album charts, and No. 2 on the Pop Country Album chart, too, and peaked at No. 6.

It became a No. 7 hit on the country charts.

“Paul Klemmers first album The Soul And the Guitar came out in 1999,” the band’s website says.

That album was followed in 2002 by his third album, You Want Me?

And I Want To Know Why,

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